Why document? “You don’t know what you don’t know”

Process is described as the act of taking something through an established routine or set of procedures. In healthcare, procedures or guidelines are typically in place. One nurse described her paper charting as “…this is the way I’ve always done it since I was first trained.”

Everyone talks about documenting processes and clinical pathways, but there seems to be little real guidance on the topic. This is where our Business Process Improvement (BPI) team can help. A key step in the process management journey is the documentation of current processes and any exceptions to those processes. This “discovery”phase also provides you with a great deal of information that can be included in a simple template for a process documentation guide. Documentation typically includes a process summary, detailed process narrative, and a process flow diagram.

Our goal is to illustrate “the current state” and assist in finding ways to enhance throughput and guide the focus back on the patient.

SPECTROM’s Process Documentation promotes procedural improvements,maximizing customer loyalty and growth. Call or email today to schedule a personalized consultation.

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