Intuitive Communication, Better Patient Care

Accurate, efficient communication is an absolute necessity in the hospital environment. SPECTROM Clinical Systems’ proprietary new visual signaling and room management systems represent a giant leap forward in healthcare communication technology.

Integrated Clinical Call System (ICCS) is a one-touch, at-a-glance communication system that signals hospital personnel to specific locations with nearly silent (a single subtlechime) visual alerts. These alerts appear on strategically placed displays throughout the hospital, instantly notifying physicians, nurses, and support staff where they are needed and with the appropriate level of urgency. ICCS eliminates the need for phone calls to the nurses’ station/call center, as well as intrusive overhead/intercom pages to coordinate care. Immediate benefits include:

  • More accurate deployment of caregivers
  • Faster response times
  • Reduction in communication errors
  • Wider, faster recognition and response to unanswered clinical calls
  • Improved patient outcomes and staff efficiency
  • Intuitive system requires minimal learning curve

Room Management System (RMS) is engineered specifically to optimize the business side of outpatient care. Improved communication, greater productivity, and more efficient room utilization, are just a few of the system’s time-and cost-saving advantages.

With a touch of a button or click of a mouse, real-time room status (e.g. needs cleaning, patient in room, waiting on nurse, etc.) is available on the SPECTROM LED light sconces mounted outside each exam room. Room status is also accessible from a PC or web-enabled devices. RMS delivers continuous updates — at a glance — from precise patient wait times to the specific caregivers called upon to assist the patient.

To see how SPECTROM’s ICCS, and in-room Room Management System can streamline communication and improve your hospital’s patient care and productivity, call to arrange an online or on-site demonstration today.

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