Improved Safety, Service and Quality for Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted living is often viewed as “the best of both worlds.” Residents have virtually full independence with the knowledge that personal care and support services are available if they need them. Assisted living communities are designed to provide residents with basic bathing, grooming, dressing assistance, and more. Some states also allow assisted living to offer medication assistance and/or reminders. Assisted living communities differ from nursing homes in that they don’t offer complex medical services.

Similar to our Independent Living, SPECTROM Clinical Systems provide important tools for residents to be able to communicate their immediate needs. With the single touch of a button SPECTROM’s Room Management System (RMS) alerts staff to a residents’ specific treatment need or status, including meal requests, pain management, room supplies, cleaning service, maintenance, and Do Not Disturb time-frames. Inside each room, SPECTROM’s Patient Assist system can also be incorporated to enable patients to summon caregivers for immediate assistance with urgent needs.

Point of Care Service Capture

SPECTROM solutions also enable caregivers to record patient care tasks and activities — along with a time stamp — with one touch to a wall-mounted control panel. The service capture feature simplifies record keeping and reporting for administration of meds, meals, therapies, bathing, preventative care, special service requests by residents, as well as Nurse or staff response times. Capturing continuous real-time data, SPECTROM solutions streamline resident care and charting, ensuring higher levels of resident care and satisfaction. Timely, accurate data and reports can also help mitigate liability, especially in response to claims of neglect in the assisted living setting.

To see how SPECTROM’s Room Management System, and in-room Patient Assist System can be custom tailored to increase efficiency and safety of your Assisted Living facility, arrange an online or on-site demonstration today.

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