Independent Living

Independent Living is seen as a step in the continuum of care, with assisted living being the next step. Independent Living is ideal for people who want to live on their own, yet desire the security of a community among peers.

The physical structure of Independent Living facilities is quite diverse. Any housing arrangement designed exclusively for seniors qualifies as senior Independent Living.

Types of communities range from apartments to retirement communities. Some provide only a small communal sitting room. Others have entire community centers that include dining rooms and recreational facilities. Most Independent Living units include small kitchens, and some communities also offer meals in a communal dining area.

SPECTROM Clinical Systems provides smart tools for loved ones living in their new home away from home. Residents will have similar housing repair needs such as plumbing, heating, air conditioning and the occasional light bulb replacement. Our Room Management System allows for a simple push of a button to call for services. From a light bulb needing replacement to basic medical assistance. Our patented informatics allows facility and caregivers to have real-time service call information (e.g. maintenance call versus a medical call). Therefore, the right person is making the right service call. Additionally, administration personnel will have the data to measure facility and service calls, providing them the tools to make informed decision for future staffing needs as well as facility growth. In the event of an urgent call or emergency, our Patient Assist system is ideal for those situations where the resident has fallen, in say the bathroom, and cannot get up.

To see how SPECTROM’s Room Management System, and in-room Patient Assist System can be custom tailored to increase efficiency and safety of your Independent Living facility, arrange an online or on-site demonstration today.

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