“Having accurate data is expensive and sometimes difficult to obtain for healthcare operations simulation and analysis. SPECTROM solves much of that problem, and, besides accurate historical data, also offers data in real time. As input to our simulation models, this helps us to produce better simulation models, and, therefore, better recommendations for our clients, saving them significant amounts of money while improving their operating processes and performance.”
Paul Gorman
Vice President – Northern Lights Systems Navigation, Inc.

“In just a few minutes, literally, I can validate or invalidate a physician’s need for additional exam rooms based on his/her current usage. In the past we would either try to find them another room or it would take us weeks to manually collect and analyze the data to make the decision.“
- Business Process Engr., Systems and Procedures Group

“I kept SPECTROM’s RMS as the only system I am personally responsible for instead of delegating it to someone else because it’s so reliable, I know it won’t require any of my time!“ 
- Mgr, Systems Engineering

“When I was first introduced to SPECTROM’s systems, I was truly amazed at their systems ability to improve healthcare throughput. Personally I was excited to think my own outpatient visits could actually be on time and flow smoothly.“
- Process Improvement Specialist

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