Integrated Clinical Call System (ICCS)

Spectrom Clinical Systems - ICCSSpectrom Clinical Systems - ICCSSPECTROM’s one-touch ICCS is a one-touch, at-a-glance communication system that signals personnel to specific locations with nearly silent (a single, subtle chime) visual alerts. These alerts appear on strategically placed displays throughout your facility, instantly notifying staff where they are needed and with the appropriate level of urgency. ICCS eliminates the need for phone calls to the nurses’ station/call center, as well as intrusive overhead/intercom pages to coordinate care. Immediate benefits include:

  • More accurate deployment of caregivers
  • Faster response times
  • Reduction in communication errors
  • Wider, faster recognition and response to unanswered clinical calls
  • Improved patient outcomes and staff efficiency
  • Intuitive system requires minimal learning curve

Additional Key Benefits & Features

  • Improve efficiency
  • Optimize the delivery of patient care
  • Improve staff and caregiver coordination
  • Quiet environment for patients
  • Instant, discreet communication
  • Increase response times
  • Call individuals/departments to a specific location
  • Doesn’t rely on pagers/personal communication devices
  • No missed pages
  • No lost equipment
  • Reduce communication errors
  • Eliminate overhead/intercom paging
  • Reduce complaints and finger pointing
  • No data entry
  • Quiet, visual signaling on strategically placed dynamic displays
  • Instant, at-a-glance communication
  • Direct alerts to caregivers/staff
  • Code calling
  • Optional automated messages sent to pagers/web-enabled devices
  • Robust tracking
  • Real-time status from any web-enabled device
  • Document all communications
  • Track response times
  • Robust productivity reporting options
  • Departments, teams, individuals
  • Turnover times, on-time case starts, total case time
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