Operating Room Surgical Turnover Activity Tracking (OR STAT)

SPECTROM Clinical Systems sets new standards for tracking, monitoring and reporting the status of operating rooms in your hospital or surgery center. With a touch of a button, SPECTROM’s O.R. Surgical Turnover Activity Tracking (OR STAT) system provides real-time operating room status updates— from pre-op procedures to wheels out.

OR STAT notifies staff and families of the patients of the status of each operating room. The real-time data on OR status is available from your PC or a web-enabled device. This quiet, intuitive feature eliminates the need to constantly call and check on the status of individual cases. OR data are captured on a real-time basis, enabling staff and administrators to track and report key metrics, such as average turnover times, on-time case starts, and other parameters vital to improving operating room efficiency.

  • Increase OR efficiency
  • Increase OR productivity
  • Enhance delivery of patient care
  • Improve communication
  • Increase coordination
  • Patient hand-offs
  • Room prep and cleaning
  • Decrease delays
  • Eliminate case status inquiries
  • Anticipate trends
  • Analyze past performance
  • Enhance stakeholder satisfaction
  • Improve estimated case time accuracy
  • Improve OR scheduling
  • Make informed decisions
  • Instant, visual communication of each OR’s case status
  • LED light towers outside rooms
  • Strategically placed displays
  • Robust tracking capabilities
  • Customized touch-screen buttons
  • Time stamping of chosen activities
  • Optional automated paging messages
  • Robust productivity reporting options
  • Departments, teams, individuals
  • Turnover times, on-time case starts, total case time
  • Real-time status and reports available from any web-enabled device
  • Dynamic displays
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