Room Management System (RMS)

SPECTROM’s Room Management System (RMS) is engineered specifically to optimize the business side of outpatient care. Improved communication, greater productivity, and more efficient room utilization, are just a few of the system’s time and cost saving advantages.

RMS is a fully integrated, modular set of clinical informatics designed for outpatient services. This innovative, one-touch system communicates the need and urgency level for various personnel throughout your facility. RMS also generates real-time reports to help guide daily and forward-looking business decisions.

With a touch of a button or click of a mouse, real-time room status (e.g. needs cleaning, patient in room, waiting on nurse, etc.) is available on the SPECTROM LED light sconces mounted outside each exam room. Room status is also accessible from your PC or web-enabled device. RMS provides continuous updates — from precise patient wait times to the specific caregivers called upon to assist the patient.

RMS Advantages at a Glance

Room Management System

  • One-touch system activation with no data entry required.
  • Real-time data is captured for accurate room utilization reports.
  • Replaces antiquated, exterior room flag systems.
  • At-a-glance room status from PCs or web-enabled devices.
  • Ensures rooms are ready when needed, reducing patient wait times.
  • Reduces facility noise levels for a better wellness environment.
  • System runs seamlessly over Ethernet-based LAN/WAN system.
  • Reserve rooms remotely

RMS tracks outpatient visits from the initial room reservation until the patient is discharged and the room is ready for the next patient.

Key Benefits & Features

Increased Patient Satisfaction

  • Personnel know whether a caregiver is with the patient without opening the exam room door
  • User-configurable, automated visual alert notifies when patients are left unattended for an extended period of time

Increased Healthcareare Provider Satisfaction

  • LED Full Light Tower Sconce, Keypad and In-Room Controller quietly communicate the room status and patient progression, both locally and remotely
  • Medical personnel can be assigned a specific light combination for easy notification and tracking
  • Physicians know their exam room status and patient name from their desktop

Improved Planning and Optimized Resources

  • Visually review and update the real-time room status from your desktop in any number of configurations—individually, suites of rooms, departments, wings, or the entire facility.
  • Create customized reports for various departments

Reduced Healthcare Provider Costs, Maintenance Costs and Energy Consumption

  • Reserve rooms remotely
  • Creates step savings for caregivers due to remote room status monitoring
  • Send room status signals wirelessly to cell phones, pagers, PDA’s and other hand-held devices
  • Save energy through controlled lighting when room is unoccupied
  • Plan for future facility expansions with real data
  • Offers Ethernet connectivity with plug-n-play installation and single sign-on active directory
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